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Scratch Demo at Bavaria Film Studios' 90th Anniversary

Bavaria Film was founded in 1919 as M.L.K. and for its 90th anniversary, there will be a big event with demonstrations of the latest technology for film and TV production.


13:00 - CinePostproduction will show 'The New Dimension of Cinema Grading' in Studio C

15:00 - 'The Light of Painters in Film' - presentation by Achim Dunkers, DP

15:30 - Building 3: ongoing Red One Workflow with Final Cut Pro and Scratch, Film- and Video Archiving as well as HD Quality Control Transcoding and Distribution

16:00 - DFFF and its european siblings by Dr. Hans Radau

16:30 - Airplane - BavarioSystem - Hospital Decoration

17:00 - 3D Sound Presentation