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Assimilate Launches Rocket Fuel Workflow Bundle

Today at the REDucation Community Day in Los Angeles, ASSIMILATE announced its new ROCKET FUEL bundle that includes the tools for real-time ingest, conform, delivery and output of RED 4K digital camera material. Created specifically for cost-sensitive indies, filmmakers, and post-production facilities, and priced aggressively, the ROCKET FUEL bundle includes an Nvidia Quadro FX3800 SDI board, RED’s RED Rocket card, and ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® CINE 4K software

Assimilate Launches Rocket Fuel Workflow Bundle

Red Rocket Accelerator Card

The first integrated product solution to support RED ROCKET, and offered exclusively by ASSIMILATE, the ROCKET FUEL bundle, along with a PC-based workstation, gives anyone working with RED 4K material the following workflow functionality: 
•  Tape dailies to a variety of formats, from NTSC and PAL, up to dual-link 2048X1080
•  Screening in virtually all formats
•  Accelerated data output to Quicktime and file sequences 
•  Quality check (QC) for on-set and for post dailies
•  R3D conform from editorial EDLs
•  Pan/Scan and Output in real time, with animated curves
•  Set-up for SCRATCH FINISH - a low-cost method of getting timelines set-up for migrating to FINISH for final mastering and delivery
•  Set-up and transcode for DI - a low cost method of getting timelines set-up and rendered for migrating to other DI systems.

All this functionality is from full-resolution, uncompressed, fully debayered and demosaiced 4K.  Fully tested, SCRATCH CINE v5.0 is a native 64-bit application running on the  Windows 7 operating system. 
“The big news here is that with ROCKET FUEL, we’ve created a highly affordable option for
boosting the performance of 4K that didn’t exist until today. Aggressively priced – at half the
cost of SCRATCH CINE alone – it’s the first product bundle for RED ROCKET that meets
the needs of the PC user,” says Jeff Edson, CEO at ASSIMILATE.  “When considering the
overall cost of a 4K workflow, this is a huge win for all filmmakers and post houses who can
now afford the essential tools to push the performance of their 4K tools to the outer limits
and achieve high quality output comparable to 35mm.”
As RED’s first partner for a 4K post workflow, ASSIMILATE set the post-production standard
with SCRATCH for the needed real-time 4K post workflows – simplified ingest of native
REDCODE files, streamlined end-to-end workflow, conform, color grading, finishing and
mastering.  “We’ve earned our stripes as the go-to vendor for 4K post workflows,” says
Lucas Wilson, ASSIMILATE Director of Business Development. “We’re ‘out in the field’
every day, working side by side or over-the-phone with users to ensure their 4K workflows
are optimized and running smoothly. If they’re not yet working in 4K, the ROCKET FUEL
bundle is a nice incentive to move to a powerful 4K workflow, create amazing imagery, and
stay competitive in the marketplace.” 
ROCKET FUEL is expected to become available around the end of October.  The
ROCKET FUEL bundle includes SCRATCH CINE, an Nvidia Quadro FX3800 SDI board,
and a RED ROCKET PCI Express card.