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next Red Camera Workshop in Berlin January 15th -17th, 2010

Business TV and Generation 4K, the community for digital filmmaking, are offering workshops for the complete workflow of shooting with the Red One camera, editing and finishing. The next workshop is scheduled for January 15th to 17th. We will be filming part II of a sketch about women and their handbags after a script by Christoph Heckenbücker.

next Red Camera Workshop in Berlin January 15th -17th, 2010

Handbags are a Girl's best friend

We are offering 3-day workshops on weekends, which start on friday at 10 with a full day of theoretical background about the modern digital cameras like RedOne, ARRI D21 and their successors. We discuss the different philosophies and approaches which the manufacturers take, and their implications for the cinematographer and the post production workflow..

We work in small groups, so there is room for discussions and you will get answers which are relevant to your next film project. In the afternoon, there will be time to take a short look at the post production, editing, color grading, a short discussion of VFX and the DCI process which is becoming increasingly important.

On Saturday we take the Red One film camera out for a shoot. We will film a short film or trailer, with five to ten different scenes. If you have an appropriate storyboard, you can send it to us, we will be happy to evaluate it and may consider it for one of our future workshops.

Sunday is reserved for post production. We will review, select and edit the footage, then do a professional color grading on the edited scenes. VFX can be discussed and guidance can be given, but there may not be enough time to actually do them for the trailer.

Audio Editing, packaging, titles and DVD production are not part of the workshop, but if you are interested you can assist in that process as well. To reserve your place in one of the workshops, send us an email.

The post production will take place in Berlin Tiergarten, Lützowstr. 102-104 near U-Bahn Kurfürstenstraße

Agenda for Workshop from Friday, January 15th - Sunday, January 17th, 2010

We will shoot a sketch 'Women and Handbags'

Friday 10.00 - Theory
(digital cameras, Video vs Film - CMOS and CCD, storage media and technologies, debayering process compared with traditional film development of 16mm and 35mm, implications for lighting, post production, budget etc.)

Friday 15.00 Post production overview
(Editing, Conforming, Color grading and DCI Packaging for Digital Projection)

Saturday 10.00  until sundown

We will shoot a sketch several times, with different actresses performing the (more or less) same scenes. Tthis time most shooting will be outdoors with available light, and only few scenes will be shot inside.

Sunday 10.00 until about 14.00 we make a rough cut and select the takes we want to use

Sunday 15:00 until about 18.00 or later we will professionally color grade the trailer.