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Connecting Content to Opportunity


Digital Rapids is the leading provider of tools and solutions for bringing television, film and web content to the ever-expanding range of network-enabled platforms and devices that are defining the future of digital video. New multi-platform distribution opportunities offer the ability to enhance video communications and let you reach wider audiences with your content than ever before, whether you’re a content or rights owner targeting new revenue streams; a studio looking to make production workflows more efficient; or a corporation, school, house of worship or government agency looking for new ways to reach your customers, students, followers or constituents.

Optimally transforming video and audio content into the diverse formats needed by these devices and workflows requires powerful, flexible and efficient solutions that can deliver results exceeding your audience’s expectations. Digital Rapids hardware and software solutions span the critical points in today’s multi-format workflows, from ingest, encoding and transcoding to protection, streaming and delivery. Scaling from individual appliances to integrated global workflows, our systems deliver an exceptional combination of productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness and adaptability to your evolving needs, giving you the power to efficiently repurpose and deliver your media at top quality in any format for any audience, anywhere.

Digital Rapids’ award-winning solutions have earned the trust of media organizations worldwide – from leading broadcast networks, motion picture studios, telecommunications companies, online content distributors, post production facilities and Fortune 500 corporations to webcasters, small companies, government departments, schools and churches. Our solutions are used every day to empower applications including IPTV, VOD, web streaming, broadcast, post production, digital dailies, mobile video, archive, training, distance education and more.

With industry-leading solutions and proven expertise, Digital Rapids can help you reach your goals, your viewers and new distribution opportunities. Increase your revenue. Expand your audience. Reduce your costs. Trust Digital Rapids to connect your content to opportunity and enable your success. 

Multi-Format Ingest and Encoding

Digital Rapids encoding solutions deliver multi-format video ingest, encoding, transcoding and live streaming in versatile configurations that integrate easily into any media environment. Combining the performance and quality advantages of hardware-based preprocessing with the flexibility and feature-richness of software, Digital Rapids systems let you encode to multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously at exceptional quality, increasing your productivity while targeting multiple distribution channels. Solutions include StreamZ™ and StreamZHD™ turnkey studio encoding systems; DRC-Stream™ board-and-software bundles; and StreamZ CP™ encoding and content protection systems with integrated forensic video watermarking.

Scalable Live Streaming

Digital Rapids’ versatile StreamZ, StreamZHD and DRC-Stream encoding solutions all feature live streaming capabilities, while StreamZ Live™ encoders bring their exceptional streaming quality and robust reliability to a dedicated live platform ideal for multi-channel installations. Multiple streaming encoders can be combined with the Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager® software for centralized management, scheduling, monitoring and fault tolerance, simplifying operations with a complete enterprise-class live streaming workflow. TouchStream™ portable streaming appliances combine our renowned quality and reliability with an intuitive touch-screen interface for unparalleled ease of use, all in a fully self-contained form factor.

Automated, Distributed Transcoding

Transcoding between differing compression and file formats is a key part of today’s dynamic media workflows. The Digital Rapids Transcode Manager® software provides management, automation and intelligent load balancing for high-demand transcoding workflows, increasing your throughput while reducing operational costs. Scalable from small transcoding “farms” to enterprise-level operations, a Transcode Manager server works with multiple Transcode Engines, optimizing performance while simplifying management. For transcoding on a smaller scale, StreamZ, StreamZHD and DRC-Stream all include transcoding capabilities.

Efficient Media and Data Delivery

The Digital Rapids C2™ delivery software transfers media and data files securely, reliably and efficiently to multiple destinations in parallel with a tremendous speed advantage over standard protocols like FTP. Built on C2 delivery technology, MediaMesh enables content ranging from ad spots and syndicated shows to digital cinema features to be transferred between content providers, contributors and distribution partners efficiently and automatically, with integrated receiving, repackaging and output. The Stream VOD Packager™ software enables easy creation of VOD metadata for packaging into complete content asset packages ready for VOD distribution.