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Assimilate Announces and Ships Scratch V5

Scratch V5 brings exciting new technology to the user base and is engineered to run on the Windows 7 64-bit Operating System. It takes advantage of features in the latest generation of Nvidia graphics cards, including Nvidia's CUDA technology. V5 supports the RED Rocket accelerator card for fast playback of full resolution R3D material.

Here is a summary of the most exciting new features:

  •  New 64 bit on Windows 7
  •  more memory support
  •  larger memory address space supported means better support for 4k
  • workflow and beyond - All project data is stored in a new SQLite database format
  • New RED Rocket support
  • FAST playback of FULL resolution RED media!
  • New Implementation of NVIDIA's CUDA Technology*
  • New Real time 32 bit Full Histogram*
  • New Real time32 bit Waveform Monitor*
  • New Real time32 bit Vector Scope*
  • New XML Scripting capabilities