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TVPaint Animation Software Update 8.5.8

TVPaint Animation 8.5.8, international version with English / French / German user interface is now shipping.


TVPaint Animation
is a software dedicated to graphic creation and 2D animation. Intended for all the painting and animation fanatics, this software, due to its bitmap approach, is called to cover the essential needs of any artist. From the hobbyist to the pros, it provides them with a complete, adjustable and impressive toolset, which will transcend the feelings of a simple pen and paper.

Version 8.5.8 fixes a crash with the AutoPaint effect and the paper manager. Some optimizations increase the productivity of the software. For whom who have some troubles with the dongle protection, this update fixes it.

New in 8.5.8: the German user interface - We are proud to annouce the addition of the German language in the software. After installation, go into the Edit > Preferences to modify the language of the software.

Download: If you are a registered user, you can download the new version 8.5.8 from

Please have your lock and unlock codes ready for the download.

You can find more information at the TVPaint web site.